vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Quick rant about grays.

I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t  been able to post. I’ll have another post done by tomorrow.
About the picture, Despite that I believe in aliens ,‘cause of what I seen. 90% of the pictures seem undoubtedly fake to me. Also, I think the odds that the aliens are grays , is very small. But there is a possibility.  Some common arguments against it include, the most nearby star is way too far. And that they wouldn’t visit us and disappear again. They would most certainly contact us. Well, first of all. There is always the possibility that they found a more efficient way to travel. That they have mastered all knowledge about time-space or perhaps more we don’t know about. And abuse this to drastically shorten the travel distant. And many other options. As science of this time might not be able to see that as possible. Imagine that people once never considered that humans would ever be able to fly.  And now we can get to the moon And as far as we know they might have a spaceship that they can live on for generations. Spread across  the galaxy.  And for a reason to visit us? Well it seems more likely that we are just an experiment in that case. And they check on how it is going with us. Or perhaps we aren’t the first species they have encounter and they have had some bad experiences with it. So they collect data. So they have more possibilities.

These are all possibilities. And I have to mention they are all unlikely. But more likely than that the government covers it up. In my opinion  at least. As for grays. It is very unlikely that they have so many similarities. Live long enough to reach us. And can endure our atmosphere. As seen on the picture. It is very unlikely for an alien to be able to walk around like that. Not to mention all the viruses and bacteria that might be unique to our planet. The odds of it surviving here without protection. would be extremely small. And as they must be far smarter than us. It should understand it should take the necessary precautions.

As always believe what you want to believe. But never stop questioning what you are told.

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  1. i do believe in aliens just for the simple fact that we cannot possibly be The only living organisms in the universe

  2. if anything, they can't be caught on film. that's just basic science.