maandag 21 februari 2011


My computer has caught a nasty virus, so im unable to post this week.

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Quick rant about grays.

I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t  been able to post. I’ll have another post done by tomorrow.
About the picture, Despite that I believe in aliens ,‘cause of what I seen. 90% of the pictures seem undoubtedly fake to me. Also, I think the odds that the aliens are grays , is very small. But there is a possibility.  Some common arguments against it include, the most nearby star is way too far. And that they wouldn’t visit us and disappear again. They would most certainly contact us. Well, first of all. There is always the possibility that they found a more efficient way to travel. That they have mastered all knowledge about time-space or perhaps more we don’t know about. And abuse this to drastically shorten the travel distant. And many other options. As science of this time might not be able to see that as possible. Imagine that people once never considered that humans would ever be able to fly.  And now we can get to the moon And as far as we know they might have a spaceship that they can live on for generations. Spread across  the galaxy.  And for a reason to visit us? Well it seems more likely that we are just an experiment in that case. And they check on how it is going with us. Or perhaps we aren’t the first species they have encounter and they have had some bad experiences with it. So they collect data. So they have more possibilities.

These are all possibilities. And I have to mention they are all unlikely. But more likely than that the government covers it up. In my opinion  at least. As for grays. It is very unlikely that they have so many similarities. Live long enough to reach us. And can endure our atmosphere. As seen on the picture. It is very unlikely for an alien to be able to walk around like that. Not to mention all the viruses and bacteria that might be unique to our planet. The odds of it surviving here without protection. would be extremely small. And as they must be far smarter than us. It should understand it should take the necessary precautions.

As always believe what you want to believe. But never stop questioning what you are told.

donderdag 10 februari 2011


In my search for pictures. I came across this video:

Its about the alien kind “Grays”. Honestly I believe in aliens ‘cause of what I seen. But those testimonies aren’t credible in my opinion.  As the old lady mentions that they were testing on similarities.  As she couldn’t have known their purpose of the tests. Making it likely she makes up At least part of it. And the other guy explains a panic attack. So its very possibly it was all just an hallucination. But things like the artifacts is quite interesting.  Check it out for yourself if you are curious about “Grays”.

What you guys think? If there would be aliens. Do you think its likely that the Grays

maandag 7 februari 2011

Ghosts and people.

People often claim that certain people are more sensitive to seeing ghosts, Specially children . Also animals supposedly feel /see other presences better than most humans. One theory is that they see electromagnetic waves that we cannot see. The common human can only see wavelengths between 380 and 760 nanometers. This is what we call light But it has been confirmed that animals can see more than that. And it wouldn’t be impossible for children to see more than that either. On top of that. A child’s brain is different. Some parts are more developed as most are less developed than a grown up. Unfortunately I lost the exact data. So I cannot be specific enough to support my theory. And will have to add it later. However, Children’s brains have generally less beta brain waves. And more gamma, alpha and theta waves. `Cause of that, they have more control over there subconscious. And it would be easier for them to realize other brainwaves interfering in our head than us.

Some mental illnesses are also known to affect the brainwaves. For example, A schizophrenia patient has more gamma brainwaves. Some scientist blame the hallucinations on this. As they could be hallucinations. Perhaps they do see things we cannot. I knew a boy that could talk to his dead parents for ages. Saw them as clear as the sky on a cloudless day. And everybody called him insane. And drugged him up so he wouldn´t see it anymore.

But what if he really saw the ghost of his parents. And most other humans cannot see them. But they tell him he is insane and drug him up. I know many schizophrenic people. And despite that some have gone nuts from being paranoid all the time. Most that can handle it well. Seem to have a very high intellect. Function perfectly fine. Just feel, see or hear hallucinations and have delusions followed by it. (of course there are different kinds of schizophrenia, I´m talking about the ones with hallucinations mostly now.)Not the type you´d call crazy. The only thing they are different in. Is that they see or believe other people do not. (As with anything, there are exceptions)

I think both these groups could help us understand ghosts seeing better. Whether its proof that peoples brain can let them see things that aren’t there. From children’s invisible friends. To a schizophrenic hallucination. Or proof that there are things most people cannot see. That judgment always stays with the person. Until proven otherwise.

As I’m too tired to look up every source and researches I used for this. Message me later if you want any of that. As always I’m curious what you guys think.

 And currently I’m looking for pictures of UFO’s and aliens. I’ll later post them. I’m especially trying to find a close up photo of a similar UFO that I saw.

And remember. Never stop thinking about things yourself. Whether it’s the meaning of life. To paranormal stuff. Don’t let other people tell you what to think. Find the truth.

On a less serious note.

Unfortanly i havn't had the time to write much yet. So to fill up the time a funny game. I keep dieing at level 4. Tell me or you can beat it.

My apology for any grammar  or spelling mistakes my text might contain. As English isn’t my native language, I’m dyslectic and usually tired when I write them. I’ll try to correct my mistakes and my text less chaotic over time.

zaterdag 5 februari 2011


Ghosts, There are many myths about them. From medieval tales to current horror movies. They been used to either explain things that people cannot understand or to scare people.  But if you’d ask a scientist. He’ll most likely tell you that it cannot be proven . And for that he will not believe. And for as I respect that. The idea of humans flying, or even natural selections were all just ideas ones. That couldn’t be proven till someone invented how to prove it. So never exclude and idea completely. Just ‘cause the current theories are wrong or full of holes. For ghosts this is the same to me.

 But what are ghosts exactly? Most people would say the soul of a deceased person. But for explaining the soul they only have a vague description, usually based on religion. But try to look at it from a scientific point of view. From my point of view. All the brain does, is direct energy to the place it needs to be. And if you have another theory or proof of this I’d be glad to hear it. But if my theory is right. Then wouldn’t a ghost be the same thing?  Then a ghost would just be energy reacting in a specific way.  Or perhaps the energy of living humans doesn’t stay inside the brain. And specially when enduring heavy emotions thoughts can escape to the surroundings. And the object can obtain the electric waves. And this may be received by people having sort like emotions and already sensitive to it. Even if this would just be memories of people that might been long gone. It could explain things.

Tomorrow I’ll go into more detail about my theory. But I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the subject or the theory. My apology if anything seems vague or confusing. I’d also be happy to answer any questions anyone might have on it. Or any request to hear my ideas about subjects they been curious about.

vrijdag 4 februari 2011


There are many religions. Some have one god, others have many. As science can prove there is no city in the clouds. Or a man between them. But perhaps there would be a god. But in another dimension? That we can’t see it ‘cause of how the spacetime is at this moment. The human brain is nothing more than electronic waves interacting with each other in a certain way?  Why couldn’t a god be the same just stronger and bigger? It being able to influence gods through the way of electronic waves? There are many possible ways a god or a superior being could exist. Besides what it says in the existing religions? Maybe it could even fit in them. But of course there is always the possibility that there is no god. That all the religions are wrong. I’ll post stuff going into more details with each of them.

I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas on the subject. Do you believe in a god? Why? What do you think it would be?

donderdag 3 februari 2011


As this was what was on my mind. I thought it would be a good subject to start off with. When I was younger, around the age of 8. At a random night I can’t remember what month. I got called out my bed by my dad. Surprised I ran downstairs. At the door were my sis and father.  He was telling me to hurry so I rushed to the door. Just outside I see an UFO. It was big around, silver coloured  with a lot of light. It was slowly going down. Till it was only centimeters above the ground. I was stunned. I was assuming they would land. They kept hovering for a while and I got a good look at it. Then it  slowly lifted off and disappeared into the sky. I went to bed. When I woke up I assumed it was just a dream. But to my surprise could my dad as well as remember it. Even recently they still talked about it. Till this day I still have not a clue what it could’ve been besides a spacecraft.

Years later, I was walking around the living room. It was in the morning. When I saw a sort like UFO fly across the sky. Somehow it took me in its beam. I was put on a table. And not long after that I fell into nothing. It was like a tube. And I ended up in my bed.

The second one I have no proof of what happened and it might as well have been a dream despite that I didn’t go to bed. But ended up there. The first I can’t deny what I saw. There were too other witnesses.  With pictures I’m usually skeptic ‘cause they are usually just dots in the sky. But it hovered right above the ground  in front of me. Believe what you want to believe. I know what I saw. I can’t deny it could’ve been possibly an military aircraft of some sort. But neither can I deny what I saw.

So for anyone that took the time to read this. I’d love to hear your thoughts . Any ideas what it could’ve been. And if you have them. Sort like stories of your own.


Hello all,
I'm new to blogging. But i wanted to do something useful with it. Most people believe science and religion are two completely different things. But that’s simply 'cause most religions now a days are outdated. I believe we could base a religion on science. Don’t ignore what is proven wrong. But learn from it. Most people who don’t believe in ghosts or spirit is ‘cause they think they can’t be explained with science. But what I told you they could? Have a good argument I’m wrong? I’ll see how I can use that to improve my theories.

That’s what I made this blog for. To find out things I want to know for myself. And anyone that’s interested. Believe what you want to believe. But please, If you disagree. At least be able to support it with an argument.
Regards, Me.