maandag 7 februari 2011

Ghosts and people.

People often claim that certain people are more sensitive to seeing ghosts, Specially children . Also animals supposedly feel /see other presences better than most humans. One theory is that they see electromagnetic waves that we cannot see. The common human can only see wavelengths between 380 and 760 nanometers. This is what we call light But it has been confirmed that animals can see more than that. And it wouldn’t be impossible for children to see more than that either. On top of that. A child’s brain is different. Some parts are more developed as most are less developed than a grown up. Unfortunately I lost the exact data. So I cannot be specific enough to support my theory. And will have to add it later. However, Children’s brains have generally less beta brain waves. And more gamma, alpha and theta waves. `Cause of that, they have more control over there subconscious. And it would be easier for them to realize other brainwaves interfering in our head than us.

Some mental illnesses are also known to affect the brainwaves. For example, A schizophrenia patient has more gamma brainwaves. Some scientist blame the hallucinations on this. As they could be hallucinations. Perhaps they do see things we cannot. I knew a boy that could talk to his dead parents for ages. Saw them as clear as the sky on a cloudless day. And everybody called him insane. And drugged him up so he wouldn´t see it anymore.

But what if he really saw the ghost of his parents. And most other humans cannot see them. But they tell him he is insane and drug him up. I know many schizophrenic people. And despite that some have gone nuts from being paranoid all the time. Most that can handle it well. Seem to have a very high intellect. Function perfectly fine. Just feel, see or hear hallucinations and have delusions followed by it. (of course there are different kinds of schizophrenia, I´m talking about the ones with hallucinations mostly now.)Not the type you´d call crazy. The only thing they are different in. Is that they see or believe other people do not. (As with anything, there are exceptions)

I think both these groups could help us understand ghosts seeing better. Whether its proof that peoples brain can let them see things that aren’t there. From children’s invisible friends. To a schizophrenic hallucination. Or proof that there are things most people cannot see. That judgment always stays with the person. Until proven otherwise.

As I’m too tired to look up every source and researches I used for this. Message me later if you want any of that. As always I’m curious what you guys think.

 And currently I’m looking for pictures of UFO’s and aliens. I’ll later post them. I’m especially trying to find a close up photo of a similar UFO that I saw.

And remember. Never stop thinking about things yourself. Whether it’s the meaning of life. To paranormal stuff. Don’t let other people tell you what to think. Find the truth.

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  1. interesting post keep it up

    I wait on my blog

  2. Entirely possible, im sure a lot of people are wrongfully diagnosed, this could be just another reason why.

  3. Very interesting.....specially since I've always had doubts about ghosts 'n stuff, nice post!

  4. thanks for your tips i would go with a horror movie to finish the day! i cant wait for your ufo pics, ufos are one of my hobbies.

  5. I'm convinced that ghosts are either fear inducted or a mental problem :)

  6. Ill have to send you a pic. I caught an alien its chained up in my basement right now!

  7. cool ideas. i have heard these theories before i think its an interesting scientific explanation

  8. cool blog dude
    this kinda opened my eyes a little to the reasons behind believing in ghosts
    i study science and generally tend to think people who believe in this type of thing just havnt learnt enough about real sciences, now i relise there is some science behind it, im not to savy with physics but when put in the context this blog has done im starting to think i may have been a little arrogant towards people like you